🕸Rome is not only about palaces with a thousand-year history, but also relatively new areas with its own special flavor. One of them is the Coppedè district, built in 1926. It consists of 17 villas and 26 mansions, decorated in various styles: Baroque, Classicism, Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerism. But locals call it simply Art Nouveau. Florentine architect Gino Coppedè worked on the weird look of the district.
🕸In the center of the Mincio Square, he placed the Fountain of Frogs, where members of The Beatles group bathed during their tour in Rome. Nearby are located the Spider’s House, the Fairy Mansion and the Chess Villa. Perfectly unique buildings are decorated on the basis of Assyrian-Babylonian motifs, some of them have full eclecticism and lack of symmetry.
🕸The most chic is Palazzo degli Ambasciatori, the Palace of Ambassadors, on Via Dora Street, where foreign diplomats often liked to settle, because only they could afford to buy expensive apartments in the unusual house. In fact, these are 2 triangular buildings connected by an arch, each of which is divided into 5 levels. The arch vault is decorated with a huge cast-iron chandelier, and the houses are decorated with filigree ornaments and moldings.
🕸Coppedè has always had a fabulous atmosphere that inspired filmmakers to shoot movies. It was chosen as one of the locations for the films “Inferno” directed by Dario Argento, and “Fragrance of the Lady in Black” by Francesco Barilli. Lovers of Art Nouveau will find Rome’s best examples in this small neighborhood.
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