⛲️The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s top ten attractions. The project was developed by the sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini and his student Carlo Fontana on the orders of Pope Urban VIII, but was never completed due to the death of the Pontiff.
⛲️It was not until 90 years later that it was decided in 1732 to complete what the architect Nicolò Salvi had started. It is noteworthy that Alessandro Galileo, a relative of the famous astronomer and mathematician Galileo Galilei, initially won the competition to create the Fountain.
⛲️The fountain in #rome is built of travertine, the same material was used for the ancient #Colosseum , although the structures are divided by 17 centuries. The money to begin the works was found thanks to the gambling locals, who actively participated in lotteries.
⛲️Water is supplied to the #trevifountain from the purest mountain springs in the 12 km long ancient Roman aqueduct Aqua Virgo, built back in 19 BC. The attraction is adjacent to Palazzo Poli, which was the home of the Russian princess, writer and poet Zinaida Volkonskaya, who received many artists and threw lavish parties:
⛲️Sir Walter Scott, Stendhal, Nikolai Gogol, Mikhail Pogodin and others came to enjoy the place. The Trevi Fountain is more profitable than any museum in the capital, as tourists, following the tradition of throwing a coin into the water for good luck, leave about 3,000 euros behind every day. The money is fished by public services and sent to charity organizations.
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