During the Rome walking tour the main sights of Rome will be covered.

Tour’s itinerary:

  • The Colosseum, the Roman amphitheater, designed for gladiatorial fights and public executions;
  • The Arch of Constantine, the triumph of the Christian faith;
  • The Imperial Forums built in the period of formation and flourishing of the Roman Empire;
  • The Capitoline Hill, the famous hill of Rome with a rich history, which now adorns the square designed by Michelangelo;
  • The sky deck of the Capitoline Hill overlooking the Roman Forum.
  • Piazza Venezia where you can admire the huge “Altar of the Fatherland” erected in honor of the unification of Italy, and Palazzo Venezia, which is the first-born Renaissance palace in Rome with “the famous Mussolini balcony”;
  • the Trevi fountain, the most famous fountain of Rome in which all the city’s guests throw coins with the hope to return to Rome;
  • Piazza Navona — a Baroque masterpiece. The fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini stands right in the middle of it.

The tour may as well begin from your hotel.

Walking tour of Rome 3 hrs 150 euros